There are many beautiful historical sites to see when you are visiting Winnipegosis and the Municipality of Mossey River.

South Bay School

South Bay School
Mossey River Municipality, rebuilt in 1929
Municipally-Designated Historic Site

Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception
Winnipegosis, built in 1929
Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site

La Verendrye Cairn

La Verendrye Cairn
National Historic Site, Winnipegosis, MB
site of the original Fort Dauphin, built in 1741

Cenotaph (World War I Memorial)
Winnipegosis, Manitoba Historic Site
(photo: Gordon Goldsborough)

Other Historical Sites in the Area:

Fork River School Site (Cairn)
Red Deer Point Monument (Red Deer point Road)

The Farm Church

Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Nativity
of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Farm Church)
Mossey River Municipality, built in 1905
(photo: George Penner)

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church
Fork River, built in 1938
Manitoba Historic Site (photo: Gordon Goldsborough)

Winnipegosis Museum (former CN Station)
Winnipegosis, built in 1897
Manitoba Historic Site

Medd House Museum
Winnipegosis, built in 1900

Fork River School / Mossey River Schools Monument
Fork River, built in 1996
(photo: Gordon Goldsborough)