The Medd House is one of the last few grand wooden homes in Winnipegosis, built at the inception of our village, and still standing in good repair. Built in 1900 for George Bellamy, it was purchased by Dr. Medd in 1914 when he married Agnes McArthur. This home served as residence for the Medd family, as the Doctor’s office, and the first “hospital” for the area. Operations were performed on his dining room table, and/or kitchen table until the Crerar Hospital was built in 1937.

The wooden building itself has much to offer as a lesson in history. Few changes have been made in the last 100 years, with the exception of converting one room into a bathroom with running water, and adding electricity as it came to Winnipegosis. The doctor’s office was added to the west side in 1927, which in turn added more space upstairs. By his own calculations, Dr. Medd delivered over 1300 babies in this area before his death in 1946.

The house has been primarily owned by the doctor and his family since it was built. His widow lived here until the 1970’s, after which the family kept this place as a summer residence. The family has donated this house to the village for the use of the museum with nearly all of the original furnishings.