Indigenous People

When this part of the country was first being explored, the natives who were already here were Nahathaways. In 1797, David Thompson, an explorer and mapmaker who was then in the employ of the North-West Company, travelled through this area …
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Danny Johnson

Danny Johnson has been honoured in Winnipegosis with a bulletin board telling of his career as a professional hockey player …
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Ukrainian Immigrants

The Ukrainian immigrants brought many skills with them to this area. Enticed by the offer of 160 acres for $10, many were attracted by land along creeks, rivers and the lakeshore … Read More

Peter McArthur

Peter McArthur, who owned and operated the first lumbering industry on Lake Winnipegosis, had an important part to play in the quelling of the Northwest Rebellion …
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Mike Kostyk

Mike Kostyk left his home in Bukovina, Austria, for Canada in 1901 at the age of 20. After 14 years in Ontario, he settled in Winnipegosis in 1915 … Read More

Post Offices in Mossey River

The first post office in Fork River opened October 1, 1897 under the name “Minnokin” … Read More

Snake Island

Did you know that local people have been picnicking at Snake Island since 1903? (And they still do!) … Read More


Several weeks ago someone mentioned early chores, and in particular “bringing in the wood”… Read More

Icelandic Settlement

It began in 1897 when a group of Icelanders settled in the town of Winnipegosis from various localities. In 1899, a group from Pembina added to the population and by 1900 there were about 100 people here … Read More

Grenon Fox Ranch

Joseph P. Grenon, manager of the Armstrong Trading Co. at Winnipegosis situated on the banks of the river ¼ mile from town … Read More

The Soldier Piper

This photo of World War I Veteran, Mr. Ferguson, was taken on the Winnipegosis station platform. The sign to the left reads” Great North Western Cable Office”… Read More

Sopilka Dancers

With the influx of Ukrainian immigrants, their vibrant culture soon became woven into the daily fabric of this area. A dramatic Ukrainian society was formed in the early 1900’s … Read More

Cabins on the Lake

This photo of Sam and Harry Hunter is taken from the “Pioneers of the Mowat School District”. In 1904 they purchased their uncle’s (Enos Draper) homestead on NW 1/4 32-28-18 in the Mowat area … Read More

Snowshoe Club

On November 23, 1924 a Snowshoe Club was organized during an evening meeting at Mr. Browse’s drug store… Read More

Women’s Hockey

This year with all the excitement about the PWHL, I thought it would be interesting to do some research about women’s hockey in this area… Read More