Winter Sports

Winter sports have always been important to the residents of Winnipegosis and district. Hockey was a favourite sport and we have stories about hockey games being played as early as 1905.
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School Transportation

When we think about getting to school in the early days in this municipality, we recognize that children had to face many difficulties in order to be able to get an education, particularly if they lived outside of town or attended a rural school. Read More

The Mossey & Myrtle M

As far back as anyone in Winnipegosis remembers, there had been a dredge with its tug and barges in the Mossey River. It is not known when the first dredge arrived, but one local story is that it dug its way down the Mossey River … Read More

Snake Island

Did you know that local people have been picnicking at Snake Island since 1903? (And they still do!) … Read More

Harvesting Ice

Summer fishing was extremely dependent on the harvesting and storage of ice. Read More

Dauphin Press, May 18, 1900

Winnipegosis, Man. May 14. Situated at the mouth of the Mossey River at the terminus of the Dauphin branch of the Canadian Northern railway … Read More

Women’s Hockey

This year with all the excitement about the PWHL, I thought it would be interesting to do some research about women’s hockey in this area… Read More


Dogs played an important role in our early history both as pets and as a means of transportation. The picture above is of Douglas Rognvaldson and his famous racing dog, “Bozo”. Read More

Snowshoe Club

On November 23, 1924 a Snowshoe Club was organized during an evening meeting at Mr. Browse’s drug store. Read More

Dog Sleds

This above picture not only shows a dog sled on the Mossy River, it is also a picture of the first bridge built in 1909. This original bridge was repaired in 1923, redecked and restrung in 1959 and again in 1984. The walkway was added in 1986. Read More

Murder Hill Road

There are many versions and official accounts of this fascinating true story of the murder of old Peter Demchyzn.

Below are a couple news articles and accounts of the event that happened on October 14, 1930. Since the incident, the road became known to the locals as Murder Hill Road. Read More


Several weeks ago someone mentioned early chores, and in particular “bringing in the wood”… Read More