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  • Hotel Winnipegosis

    The Hotel Winnipegosis was one of the first large buildings constructed in the small, growing community situated near the mouth of the Mossey River. It was built in 1897 by Mr. John Sieffert, Senior. He came from North Dakota in … Continue reading →

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  • Indigenous People

    When this part of the country was first being explored, the natives who were already here were Nahathaways. In 1797, David Thompson, an explorer and mapmaker who was then in the employ of the North-West Company, travelled through this area, … Continue reading →

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  • The Icelanders in Winnipegosis

    by Finnbogi Hjalmarson first published by Olafur S. Thorgeirsson (Winnipeg, 1930) Translated from Icelandic by Vera Stevenson Subsequently published in Reflections from Little Muddy Waters: A History Of Winnipegosis (1990) by the History Book Committee Edna Medd, Lois Fredrickson, Vickie Lytwyn, … Continue reading →

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